Travel Information


Cycle Live Nottingham takes place at the Victoria Embankment situated in West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Cycling to the event

Nottingham is part of the National Cycle Network and has a large number of cycle routes throughout the city.  If you’re not sure of the best route then

visit and select the ‘Find a cycle route’ button at the top right of the screen.  From here you can add your journey details and even customise your own preferences.  See map for details.

A Citycard Cycle hub is at Victoria Leisure Centre, 5 minutes walk away, where you can hire or securely park your own bicycle.  Alternatively, collect a bike from one of our hire stands via mobile phone.  Prices start from £1 for one day or are free to Kangaroo Travel Pass holders.

There are further Citycard Cycle hubs located at sites across the city, where you can easily secure and park your bike using your Citycard and then hop onto a tram or bus.  (See map for locations).

Arriving on foot

If you live locally then walking to the event is the healthiest and cheapest way to get there.  If you’re not sure of the best route try, select ‘Nottingham’ from the drop down menu and type ‘Victoria Embankment’ into the destination box.

Driving to the event

There is VIP parking on both days at the Victoria Embankment for £5 per car.  For VIP parking you can either add it as part of your entry, pre-book by calling 0115 9683327 or you can pay on the day if coming along to spectate or enjoy the festivities.

Blue badge parking is free but must be pre-booked by calling 0115 9683327.

Parking will also be available at Queen’s Drive Park and Ride site on the Sunday for £2 per car as the park and ride service will not be running.  The event start/finish is easily accessible via cycle paths from the Park and Ride site and will be signposted.

There are also a number of well located, secure car parks around the city and the map shows the locations of the most suitable within easy reach of

the Victoria Embankment.

Arriving by Bus or Tram

There are lots of services that travel near to the Victoria Embankment across Trent Bridge with stops situated close to the Festival.  See the map for details of bus numbers and locations of nearby stops.

If you’re not sure which ticket is best for you then a £4 Kangaroo ticket will provide unlimited daily travel on all buses, trams and trains within the local area.

The new tram network is now in service with a convenient stop at the west end of the Victoria Embankment.  You will need to cross the bridge and then follow the footpaths to get to the event village.

If this service is not in operation by then, then the nearest tram stop is at Nottingham Train Station where the tram terminates.  It is approximately a 15-20 minute walk from the station to the Embankment.

Catching the train

For more information on train services please visit or

The station is a 15-20 minute walk from the Victoria Embankment.  Alternatively taxis are available regularly from Queens Road and Station Street.