Cycling Ambassador Joanna Ward

What would get you out on your bike more?

We recently introduced you to Joanna Ward our ambassador for Cycle Live 2019.  We approached Joanna, as she is someone who is totally passionate about encouraging more people to take up cycling.

This passion extends into her everyday working life.  Employed at Waterman Infrastructure and Environment, Joanna is a valuable member of the Transport Team based in Nottingham. 

She leads on sustainable and active travel working with a mix of private and public sector clients to ensure that there is travel choice in everything that they build and design.

Joanna has been promoting Active and Sustainable Travel through her work as a Transport Planner for over 20 years in a variety of roles across the public, private and charity sector. Joanna was instrumental in leading a project to which brought 450 Ucycles to Nottingham nine years ago as part of her work to encourage sustainable transport.

Joanna says ” my job is not about being anti- car, it’s about travel choice and about finding the most appropriate transport mode for the journey. We work with people to find out what it is that might change their default car use; it could be the environment, time, money or just wanting to get some more exercise into your daily life. Everyone is different and the same solutions will not work for everyone. However we work to make sure its easier to make those choices.”

 Joanna is a strong and vocal advocate for cycling and  leads by example through her daily use of her bike as well as public transport. She does not currently or has ever owned a car. She does however own three bikes. Her trusty run around ‘001’ , her beautiful red Brompton ‘Bradley’ and her smooth riding specialised ‘Lovelace’.

It really doesn’t matter what you are riding, how far you are going and what your motivation is just as long as you are out on your bike and enjoying it. It’s all about finding the active travel that suits you. If you can then work that into your daily routine it’s much easier to keep going!’

Joanna Ward
Principal Transport Planner
Waterman Infrastructure and Environment Ltd